The Gardener

Through the summer months Argenis Mora, our new part-time gardener, will continue to tend crops, maintain the grounds, and later prepare seedling starts so they can be transplanted in the fall. This should give the gardens a jump start for community demand and inspiration when many foreigners return in the fall.

For over 10 years, Argenis has been helping others maintain gardens. His own family's compost system is evidence of his dedication to gardening in harmony with the environment. He stays connected with the local school system, having 5 children enrolled, and he affirms his desire that they see the importance of studying and striving to be the best they can in whatever they do.

Weekly Gardening

(NOTICE: weekly event ends March 31, 2022)

Come join us every Saturday and Monday - Thursday, to work in the garden. We have tools! Just dress appropriately; if you can, bring some gloves, wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Volunteer, Peter Earley, will be present in the garden to give directive and guidance for planting and projects to improve the facilities. You can start your own plot and harvest the rewards.

The gardening sessions start at 8 AM and run until 10:00 AM. People are welcome to come anytime during these hours. You don't have to be present right at eight. You don't have to stay for the whole length of time.

Ask about harvesting some Thai Basil for your own use.

Produce in the summer months of 2022

If you have been a winter visitor to La Manzanilla, then likely you have purchased produce at the weekly Tianguis market. It will end after many of the tourists leave. If you would like to continue to receive produce, please send an email to Brandon Lloyd at hotmail dot com - no spaces - so you can connect with our gardener, Argenis, and request produce during the summer. So long as the Friday Tianguis continues we hope to have a presence there. After the market closes for the season, Argenis plans to be working in the gardens several mornings per week. You will need to contact Argenis to confirm the ideal times and place to meet & purchase produce.

Friday Tianguis / Community Market

Friday, January 28, 2022, we had our first sale of the year at La Manzanilla community market or Tianguis. Our garden has limited production and so we frequently sell out. We plan to be there every Friday at 10 am, during the season when the market is running. Look for our little table on the north side of Café Del Mar.