Ways to help

Drop off your Compost

Your Vegetable Scraps are welcome. Please, no meat! It will attract dogs and other animals like racoons & coati. To get started, come by Monday through Saturday mornings (~8:00-11:30 a.m.) and learn where to the compost area is located.

Paint a Sign

Storms from 2021 have washed away all of our signs!!

Paint some new ones so folks know where we are located.

Make a material donation

Some helpful items would include:

work gloves, seeds (i.e. cilantro, carrots, hibiscus,) cuttings / plant starts - (i.e. flowers like lantana that would bring butterflies, or edible cactus - nopales varietes)

Your skills

¿Hablas español? Translate documents for us, or translate at events.

Carpentry? Build a new entrance gate, improve our compost area, repair tool handles

Plumbing? Repair the outdoor kitchen sink drains

Sewing? Fix some of the insect screens for the covered the gardens.

Clean and Organize

The tool shed could use to be tidied up. The outdoor kitchen needs cleaning.

More Info -

If you have questions, you can contact Brandon Lloyd by Messenger on Facebook

or electronic mail ... Sorry for the encryption. I don't wish bots to "harvest" and sell my address.

No spaces.


Oh, the projects...

Spread the Word

Tell your friends about our events, like planting parties and sales at the Friday Tianguis (community market)